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Creative Concepts In Home Designs

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Plans 1632-1700
B1632-602-ft B1620-13-766-tx B1633-563-r B0815-820-882-ft B1638-538-f B0729-910-467-f B0729-910-467-ft%20(iwd) B1348-292-475-t B1640-828-fc B1640-829-fc_p B1640-872-fc B0709-932-492-t B1029-612-424-fx B1200-441-15-t_c B1200-441-15-t2_c B1228-415-898-fcsx B1645-940-fc B0926-720-780-iv B0926-721-781-gp B1599-48-867-fcx B1214-434-1068-t%20(nwd) B1648-1022-fcx B1648-1030-fcx B1648-487-ft B1648-653-fc B1648-655-fc B1648-913-ftx B1648-919-ft%20(elev%20b) B1252-399-1009-c B1252-400-926-c B1448-204-444-ft B1182-471-755-fc B1448-206-849-ft B1252-403-818-t B0729-927-495-t B1656-471-fc B1182-476-913-fcx B1333-325-481-iv B1182-477-822-t B1659-478-ft B1659-479-ft B1659-531-f B1252-409-926-c B1448-213-465-t B1029-634-464-fx B1665-568-ft B1252-414-821-t B1648-19-978-ft B1668-1067-t B1669-484-fc B1270-403-711-fx B1648-25-902-ft B1270-406-708-f B1160-519-1143-t B1270-409-802-f B1680-1176-tx B1124-557-629-t B1182-499-789-t B1402-279-498-ft B1402-279-498-ft_r B1229-453-495-ft B1270-414-701-fx B1120-565-624-t%20(nwd) B0729-958-462-a B1330-357-783-t B0626-1062-491-t B1124-565-1001-t B1300-389-529-ft B0729-961-454-f B1252-438-928-t B1690-470-ft B1182-509-773-ft B1182-510-774-ft B1695-719-fc B1252-444-918-ftx B1318-379-3213-c B0829-869-826-iv B1414-284-471-ftx B1698-529-ft%20(nwd) B1698-756-fcx B1006-693-452-t B1126-573-892-iv B1699-1068-ftx B1699-545-ft B1699-818-fx B1699-820-ft B1699-821-fcx B1699-890-fcx B1699-936-ft B1699-942-fx B1699-946-fx B1699-951-ft B1270-430-480-ft B1700-1152-cr B1700-1152-crx

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